Terms & Conditions

Privacy Statement for Payments
What information is collected: We do not collect any payment information other than name, address, telephone, email, payment method (excluding all payment details), date and time, and items ordered.
What the information collected is for: The information collected is for transaction (service or product fulfillment) reference only.
Who is the information shared with and why: The information is not shared with anyone for any reason.
How you can opt out of information sharing: You are opted out of information sharing by default in that we do not share your information with anyone for any reason.


Policy Statement for Service:

By placing your order you acknowledge and understand and agree:

your purchase/our sale is final and your payment is fully-earned and non-refundable.

your no-show or cancellation is forfeiture of your scheduled, appointed service.

your purchase/our sale is for use by you and only you.

we reserve the right to refuse service — whatever our reason.