We offer you pragmatic specialized, individualized health and fitness coaching and training from a holistic and appreciative perspective. Among our specializations, we specialize in:

  • General and overall well-being and health and fitness
  • Holistic transformations
  • Behavior change
  • Age-based and activity-related diet and exercise
  • Longevity
  • Prevention
  • Naturalistic and conservative methods of personal care
  • Athletic/competitive sport-specific nutrition and training
  • Contest preparation and competing
  • Realistic/realizable expectations and orientations
  • Functional and corrective training
  • Post-rehabilitation conditioning
  • Sports injuries
  • Real optimal results
  • Maintenance of health and fitness, wellness

In addition to being specialists with numerous specialities, we are generalists. As both general and special health and fitness, wellness professionals and practitioners, we — unlike most others — attend your health and fitness, wellness properly and appropriately. In other words, we better — not worsen — your health and fitness, wellness.

Apply now to become a valued and prized member of our clientele! Enjoy our award-wining defining standard service. Either contact us or peruse our bookable services then contact us to apply through a free face-to-face electronic or in-person prequalification/precreening and qualification/screening (consultation/interview) and for more information on or for a program to be designed to you, your own specific interests, objectives or goals, wants, needs or requirements, likes or dislikes, your expectations and demands. We serve our clients through pragmatic personalized programs — we offer you services FOR YOU! Were you personally invited or you applied and are accepted and approved, please book your allowed/permitted or prescribed service(s) now.

Our services to you are bookable through service membership subscriptions only on your having signed up.

You must either be personally invited or apply and be both accepted and approved to subscribe to become a member. We vet you. We are exclusive — and we do not apologize for it. You must be worthy our service, as we must be worthy your clientage. We deliver only the best service, only the best service providers, to only the best of clients: YOU.

Are you whom seek anything less than the best service, anything less than the best service providers, please look elsewhere — as we are not for you. Are you whom seek nothing less than the best service, nothing less than the best service providers, please look not elsewhere — as WE ARE FOR YOU!