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Embody Lifestyle and Weight Management offers THE BEST private or privatized, group or individual personal or personalized, health and fitness, wellness coaching and training in the world — throughout the world, around the globe! Bangkok, Thailand, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, and elsewhere! Organizing and operating both nationally, multinationally, either domestically (locally) or internationally or both domestically (locally) and internationally, globally, and transnationally, globally, we are qualified professional experts who organize our businesses into or organize ourselves otherwise as independent contractors (freelancers) into a membership subscription based virtual network to best align and operate to best serve our clients, you. We together are a world-renowned and world-reputed global health and fitness, wellness service leader and service provider. We offer on-site or at- or in-home private personal health and fitness, wellness coaching and training — your facility or ours. We offer electronic-based and -moderated private personal health and fitness, wellness coaching and training — wherever your locale and location. Convenient, competitively priced, and hassle-free. No extra/hidden costs nor additional gym/club memberships involved. Public gyms/clubs? Yes, we do them — and other public venues — too. We do them… privately! We are exclusive — and we do not apologize for it! We pride ourselves in part on whom we include. Please explore our website to learn more about us and our service offerings to you.

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